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Oklahoma City Sundial

The link leads to a java applet that illustrates the sun position and movement across the sky in Oklahoma City during a year. It's a fun and educational program.

The control panel on the view allows you to change the viewing angle, date, time, and speed of the sun. The white line in the box is the viewing perspective for the larger screen. Click or click and drag the mouse on the white line in the smaller view in the control panel and the larger view will change.

I gratefully acknowledge that the program was written by others for a location in Damongo, Ghana. The location of the original program is listed on the links page. I only downloaded their program and changed the settings for my location.

Use the back arrow to return to this page. If the control panel isn't completely visiable, My screen was set to 1152 by 864 pixels when I tweeked the viewing window. You might try changing that. It might make a difference.